The Designer

Melinda Guisao

Who is Melinda Guisao? She is a naturally talented Fashion Designer based in the U.S., West Palm Beach, FL.

Many call her an influencer because outside of designing apparel, she is a blogger that focuses on empowering women. She advises women on how to be powerful and achieve what they want in life. The blogs she writes are written to inspire, educate, and uplift women of all shapes and sizes, from different backgrounds and cultures, to improve daily living and effect change.

She is the best friend a girl always wants and is always down for a powerful female friendship and good vibes.

Her kind heart and fun personality exude through her designs. Melinda IS FASHION – with a chic twist of art and power.

Why? She is every sense of the word ‘fearless’ and inspires so many women to recognize their inner strength, embrace their flaws, be unapologetic for being themselves, do the impossible, and stand together as women. Melinda is the woman many aspire to be, she wholeheartedly believes in women and believes there is power in speaking things into existence. Her favorite saying is, “believe in yourself, stand together as women, never waver in your belief, and never leave a woman behind.” Her struggles taught her so much and gave her the strength and power to empower other women.    

About Melinda’s designs? Melinda keeps up with the latest trends, but her focus is more on designing and setting new trends that stand out – styles based on art to last decades. I love her evening gowns and casual/comfy wear the most; it’s like she takes simple and always manages to make it fashionable. All of her designs command attention when you walk into a room.

If you are looking for basic or trying to ‘blend in’ – Melinda’s designs are not for you. She is flamboyantly brilliant in her fashion designs and wants everyone that wears her work to feel far beyond average – she wants you to feel Stylish & EMPOWERED.