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Melinda Guisao – December 24, 2019

Empowering women means giving women a voice, the ability to make their own decisions, freeing them from mistreatment, abuse, and exploitation, helping them reach their full potential, revealing their value, strengthening our society as a whole – leading families and communities to prosperity. While it is important for a woman to take power for themselves, it is just as important for women to empower other women, helping women as a whole, be fully empowered. Women already have institutions and social gender norms that slow potential growth, dictating a lack of value for women – it is time women pull a seat out at the table for other women instead of breaking the leg on their chair. What does that mean? Instead of being jealous, negative, or unsupportive of women, slowing their growth and prosperity, start encouraging them, lend a helping hand, and make room for them to join you as you rise. You never know that woman could be the same woman that gives you a helping hand enabling you to reach your fullest potential – giving you the power to grow and be prosperous.

Together, women can address concerns and governmental policies that affect their lives, families, and community. Together, women can use positive messages to fight gender inequality. Together, women can teach their children, and their children’s children that women and girls are not weak, helpless, or just caregivers; women and girls are strong, leaders, have value, love, protect, nurture, and have the power to change the world.

It is time to inspire future generations to think differently. Women are to be held equal. Women and girls should lift, encourage, and empower other women and girls.  As a woman and a girl, be aware of your strengths and capabilities. Be in control of your life and dreams. Do not be afraid to make mistakes; those mistakes help you learn and grow. Take risks and build your empire one brick at a time. Go into the world confident, determined, and 100% fearless.

As a woman and girl, believe in yourself, but also believe in other women and lift them. If you see a woman or girl struggle, lend a helping hand rather than sit back and laugh at her efforts. Women and girls surround yourself with other women and girls who are dedicated, hardworking, and successful. Empower each other through the tough times, stand side-by-side for the wins and losses, and pull out a seat at the table for your sister. Remember, an empowered woman is not a bad bitch; she is a powerful queen – your sister.



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